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The Spark

Low cost and free

The Spark at Dialogue & Space

The Spark provides counselling and mental health support services for individuals, couples, families, children and young people in Scotland.

The Spark first started offering counselling to couples over 55 years ago. We’ve grown since then and now support individuals, families, children, and young people too.

Today we offer:

  • Individual counselling (16+)

  • Couples/marriage counselling

  • Family counselling

  • Young person counselling (12 to 15)

  • Child counselling (8 to 11)


Located in Glasgow and Edinburgh in Dialogue & Space we provide online and face-to-face counselling services Scotland-wide via local centres.

The Spark is an organisational member of BACP and a COSCA recognised counselling provider. Each counsellor is a member of at least one professional body such as BACP, COSCA or OTI. As such you can be assured of receiving a consistent, professional and supportive service.

Counselling with The Spark gives you the opportunity to understand and explore the current issues you are facing. Working with one of our counsellors you will find a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space in which to discuss past and present issues. You will be able to freely express your own unique feelings and emotions.

Visit our website 'link' or contact our Appointments team on 0808 802 0050 (note this is a change of number that is currently on page) to enquire further, we currently offer competitively priced sessions and have a number of subsidised sessions that can be offered. We are committed to making our counselling sessions accessible to all, our Appointments team can discuss how we can make the sessions more accessible for you.

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