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The below therapists/coaches practice from within Dialogue and Space. They welcome enquiries and new clients. In order to contact them, click on the buttons below their info.


Elspeth Alexandra
Women's Health & Fitness Coach


Qualifications: Sports Massage Diploma: pregnancy & postnatal massage certification, C-section, hysterectomy & abdominal scar certification. Holistic Core Restore coaching, pre & post natal exercise

Availability: Saturday 09.00-14.00

Price per session: £50 for 50min session

I offer therapeutic massage to improve movement and connection. This is whether you’re troubled by discomfort and pain caused by a lack of daily movement, or an injury, or from your pregnancy and postnatal journey. 

I am also passionate about helping women to love their bodies and fighting the patriarchy.


Massage gives best results when received regularly, so subscriptions are available as well as single appointments. 


Jo Schaab
Massage Therapist

Qualification: Diploma in Swedish Massage (Scottish Massage School).

Membership: Complementary Therapies Assoc. (CThA)

Availability: Wednesday evenings

Price per session: See below

I was a client of massage therapy for over a decade before I trained as a therapist. I want to help other people discover what I had: that regular massage therapy complements regular exercise and a balanced diet in helping me to stay healthy. It encouraged me to take better care of my body and respect it for the incredible things it does everyday. 

Massage therapy is for anybody: we all experience aches, pains and stress from living our modern lives. Whether you’ve sustained a recent injury; have a build-up of shoulder tension from desk work; or feel an increase of anxiety that is interfering with your sleep; relaxation massage therapy can help you to break the cycles of stress and tension and allow your body to do what it does best.

I tailor each treatment to the individual and use a combination of Swedish holistic massage, deep tissue techniques and breath/visualisation work. I hold a Diploma in Swedish Massage (Scottish Massage Schools) and I am a fully qualified member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA). I also have had specialist training in pregnancy massage therapy with KnotStressed Therapies. I am LGBTQI+ friendly.

Full Body Massage 50mins or 90mins
Back, shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands and legs and feet.

Upper Body Massage 50mins
Back, shoulders, neck and head.

Pregnancy Massage Full Body 90mins
Side-lying/semi reclined adjusted back, shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands and legs and feet.

Booking enquires please email me.

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