The below therapists practice from within Dialogue and Space. They welcome enquiries and new clients. In order to contact them, click on the "Get in Touch" button. 

Dawn Wilson

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Qualification: BSc (Hons) PG Diploma Social Studies (CQSW), Diploma Gestalt Therapy (EGI), Dip GPTI. UKCP reg.

Accreditation: GPTI & UKCP accred.

Availability: Mon-Fri, daytime & evening

Price per session: negotiable, sliding scale from £60

If you are experiencing thoughts or feelings you find difficult… then it may be time to do something about it. As an experienced therapist, I am keen to help you decide whether therapy is for you or not.

People come to therapy for different reasons. You may not be clear about what it is you need or want to work on, or you may be in touch with emotions, sensations or thoughts that you know you need help with. You may wish to explore things that have happened recently or things you have been managing or struggling with for years. Making sense of how we are and our relationship with others can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and on our own. Therapy offers a confidential safe and supportive space to work through things that are important to you.

Gestalt Psychotherapy offers an approach that attends to our curiosity, creativity, resilience, and wish to live a full and satisfying life.


My background is in Biology, the Arts, and Social Work/Education. I have worked as a trauma therapist for a large Children’s charity and as a therapist at Edinburgh University’s Student Counselling Centre.

I offer individual, couple and family therapy and offer Supervision, Consultancy and Training with children and adults on a wide range of issues and themes.

I am an accredited (UKCP) Gestalt Psychotherapist. I am a member of the Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute (GPTI) and am governed and adhere

to their code of practice and ethical code. 

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Jill McClure

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Qualification: MA (Hons), Masters SW, Dip GPTI, UKCP reg., GPTI TSM

Accreditation: GPTI & UKCP accred.

Availability: Mon-Thurs

Price per session: negotiable, sliding

scale from £65

My background is in Social Work, spanning social care, education, the voluntary sector and practice teaching. I have extensive experience of working with sexual abuse and trauma, and with new parents struggling with transitions. I am also deeply interested in how we learn and what gets in our way, and where and how we may habitually get stuck, repeating old patterns of being with ourselves and others. I have a commitment and passion for my work, and believe strongly in the possibility of transformation and growth through relationship and deepening awareness. I am a keen yoga practitioner and I am currently learning more about mindfulness and how to integrate more of my spiritual and physical practice into my daily life and therapeutic work.


Fiona Sutherland

Gestalt Therapist

Qualification: Diploma in Gestalt Therapy (EGI), Diploma in Social Work, Post Dip. Practice Teaching.

Accreditation: BACP

Availability: Tuesday & Wednesday

Price per session: £50 per session

As a Gestalt therapist the most important element of my practice is the relationship you and I create together. A safe trusting relationship provides the security and freedom from which to explore, discover and learn more about you, and what has brought you to therapy. You and I will work together to support what is presently working well for you, identify areas that may be less rewarding, and help you find your own solutions. I am interested in helping you find meaning and possibilities in your life through increased self awareness.

I believe we can all benefit from a supportive relationship no matter what age or stage in our lives.
People seek therapy for many different reasons. My skills and experience include, but are not limited to, working with depression, anxiety and anger; bereavement, loss and change; sexuality; identity; abuse; addiction; relationship and family issues. Engaging in personal therapy requires ongoing commitment, courage and willingness to risk being fully seen, heard and understood. I am committed to working alongside you, staying with you when the going gets tough and celebrating the moments of joy.

I have been working as a therapist since 2007. I work with integrity, compassion and respect. I value my ongoing professional and personal development and participate in regular clinical supervision and training events. My initial training and qualifications were in social work. I have 27 years experience working with individuals and families as a local authority social worker, manager, supervisor and practice teacher.
Outside of work, my life is enriched by my yoga practice, dance, singing, music, drawing, printmaking and nature.

I value diversity and welcome referrals from all sections of our community. Please get in touch if you want to discuss working together.


Esther Walker

Gestalt Therapist

Qualification: Diploma Gestalt Therapy (EGI), UKCP reg

Price per session: £55 per session or £65 per home visit


I’m a Gestalt counsellor providing therapeutic support to adults in their own home and from consulting rooms here at “Dialogue and Space”.  

I was drawn to Gestalt because it offers a practical approach to exploring and resolving difficult feelings and situations.  We’ll pay attention to the relationship we create together, to your physical experience (as well as what you think and say) and to helping you learn through experimentation and practice.  In this way, you'll benefit from:

  • greater self-awareness

  • new understanding of how relationships work and of your own experience of relationships

  • greater flexibility in how you approach and respond to the world

  • greater access to feelings of satisfaction, hope, contentment, excitement, warmth and love.


My initial training was with Edinburgh Gestalt Institute (2005-2009) followed by additional study in body process.  This interest in how to support myself/clients to be aware of bodily experience continues, and I’m currently training in massage which I’ll complete in 2020.

I’m fully insured to practice and am a member of BACP (abiding by their Ethical Guidelines).  My fee is £55 per 50 min session or £65 for home visit.


Karen Kinghorn

Gestalt Therapist/Coach

Qualification: Diploma Gestalt Therapy (EGI)

Membership: British Council for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Availability: Wednesday and Friday

Price per session: negotiable 


We all have a natural tendency towards health, to create a happy life and develop satisfying relationships. Sometimes, however, we can feel stuck, caught in patterns of behaviour that are stopping us from having the life we want. 


Gestalt Therapy provides a supportive framework for you to work on your feelings, behaviour and experiences.  As a Gestalt Therapist I work with individuals addressing a variety of issues including confidence, anxiety, relationships, questions of direction, life transitions, family issues and loss. 


The Gestalt approach encourages us to be curious, to create new awareness and to use our fresh perspectives to create greater choice into our approach to life. It can take hard work to understand where you are, and it can be challenging to take the steps to bring about the changes you want. However, this can be enjoyable and fulfilling as it can lead to greater contentment, happiness and security. 

My role is to help you discover your strengths and learn to build on them, leading to personal growth and change. My style is interactive, supportive and collaborative and I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where we can work together on whatever you are facing.

My background is working in organisations focused on people development, team and individual coaching. I qualified as a Gestalt Therapist in 2009 with the Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute (GPTI) and belong to the BACP. Beyond the world of work, I’m a keen rugby supporter, I love canoeing and camping and enjoy the simplicity of spending time with my family and friends. 


If you think or feel your current way of living and the habits you’ve created over the years are now getting in the way of what you want, it could be time to look at them more fully. 


You can reach me at Dialogue and Space where I work on a 1-1 basis and to reflect the current changes in work practices I also hold sessions using zoom or other appropriate technologies.

Lizzie Ashworth

Massage Therapist

Qualification: Dip. Swedish Massage, Scottish Massage Schools (SMS)

BA (Hons) Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

Accreditation: SMTO

Availability: Wednesday & Thursday evenings; alternate weekends

Price per session: £50 


I trained in Swedish Massage Therapy with Scottish Massage Schools ( and am passionate about the ability of massage to release tension, get in touch with the body and be part of a healing journey. 


My approach is intuitive and connected, drawing upon fourteen years working in mental health, children’s rights and refugee support work, and creates an environment that feels welcoming and safe. Compassion, trust and integrity are essential elements of my practice in supporting clients to reduce stress, find deep relaxation and improve their wellbeing. 


With a commitment to inclusivity, diversity and equality, I support individuals of all backgrounds and orientations to feel valued and grounded. I am happy to work with new clients to explore how massage can support improved emotional and physical health.


I am a keen runner, poet and illustrator, and enjoy playfulness and nature as key components of a happy life.

First Floor, 64 Albion Road, Edinburgh. EH7 5QZ

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