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The below therapists/coaches practice from within Dialogue and Space. They welcome enquiries and new clients. In order to contact them, click on the buttons below their info.


Dawn Wilson
Gestalt Psychotherapist
Curiosity, Creativity & Change

Qualifications: BSc  Biological Sciences (Hons), PG Diploma Social Studies (CQSW), Diploma Gestalt Therapy (EGI), Dip Gestalt Psychotherapy (GPTI/UKCP).

Accreditation: GPTI & UKCP accred.

Availability: Tuesday/Thursday/Friday daytime & evening. Working Online and In-person

Price per session: negotiable, sliding scale from £60

Gestalt Psychotherapy offers a method of exploring whatever you feel is impacting on your mental/physical well being. You may have had a recent crisis, shock or dilemma or a persistent return of familiar themes over a long period of time. Psychotherapy supports understanding how the past and present connect and how you can be more alive to your future life. We will attend to your needs holistically and safely.... the work is unique to you and what your interests are. It is a trauma informed and trauma responsive therapy.


My background is in Biology, the Arts, and Social Work/Education. I have an interest in creative methods of supporting the therapy process. I currently offer sessions working with the music only component of the Wavepaths ™ medicine system and sessions using the Deep Brain Reorienting DBR ™ approach to trauma work. I am Dance of Awareness ™ trained and hope to develop therapeutic movement to music in my one to one and a group practice. For further info on sessions using these specific methodologies please check my website. 

I offer individual, couple and family therapy and offer Supervision, Consultancy and Training with children and adults on a wide range of issues and themes.

I am an accredited (UKCP) Gestalt Psychotherapist, with 15 years experience. I am a member of the Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute (GPTI) and am governed and adhere to their code of practice and ethical code. I am committed to supporting inclusivity, diversity and difference. I feel we all have the right to belong without having to fit in ... to be accepted for who were are, not who others wish us to be.

Whether you feel in crisis ... are interested in becoming less stuck ... wish to live more fully or in a more enlivened way ...or are just struggling to reconnect with the world .... 


Jill McClure
Gestalt Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy, movement and 
enquiry towards wholeness

Qualification: MA (Hons), Masters SW, Dip GPTI, UKCP reg., GPTI TSM

Accreditation: GPTI & UKCP accred.

Availability: Tuesday-Friday

Price per session: negotiable, sliding

scale from £65

My background is in social work, spanning social care, education, the voluntary sector and practice teaching. I have extensive experience of working with sexual abuse and trauma, and have a particular interest in life transitions (adolescence to adulthood, becoming a parent, mid life to older age) and the inevitable existential questions that emerge in these times. I am also deeply interested in how we learn andwhat gets in our way, and where and how we may habitually get stuck, repeating old patterns of being with ourselves and others. 

I bring my gestalt psychotherapy training to my ever growing interest in movement and somatic discovery as a way of reconnecting with trust and belonging in our bodies. I completed a yoga training in India (Yoga Health Mandala) just before the pandemic. 

Alongside my movement practice I am learning about meditation practice and being with 'life as it is'. 


Movement, awareness work and learning to be still continue to support me to extend and develop in my own life and I bring this to my client, supervision and training work. All of this doesn't necessarily make life easy but I am finding that it makes things possible.


If you are interested in working with me I ask that you bring your curiosity and wish to learn more about yourself, so that together, we can discover where you might be stuck in old patterns and structures that no longer serve you or support your growth and flourishing. 


My experience is that moving and growing demands courage and, also a willingness to experiment with novel ways of living so that we can to discover more of who we are beyond our early histories and habitual ways of being in the world.

I believe passionately in the possibility of growth and transformation via the therapeutic relationship.


I love swimming in the sea, particularly in the middle of winter. 

I am inspired by many writers and thinkers; James Hollis, Carl Jung, Pema Chodron, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Rachel Walker and Marcus Aurelius, to name but a few. Mary Oliver's poetry reminds me to always connect with the natural living world. A few of my current favourites are below.

'Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know' Pema Chodron 


'We are not here to fit in...we are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our little clunky, chunky selves, to the great mosaic of being...we are here to become more and more ourselves.' James Hollis 


 ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’ Maya Angelou

Jill McClure

Karen Kinghorn
Gestalt Therapist/Coach

Qualification: Diploma Gestalt Therapy (EGI)

Membership: British Council for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Price per session: negotiable 


We all have a natural tendency towards health, to create a happy life and develop satisfying relationships. Sometimes, however, we can feel stuck, caught in patterns of behaviour that are stopping us from having the life we want. 


Gestalt Therapy provides a supportive framework for you to work on your feelings, behaviour and experiences.  As a Gestalt Therapist I work with individuals addressing a variety of issues including confidence, anxiety, relationships, questions of direction, life transitions, family issues and loss. 


The Gestalt approach encourages us to be curious, to create new awareness and to use our fresh perspectives to create greater choice into our approach to life. It can take hard work to understand where you are, and it can be challenging to take the steps to bring about the changes you want. However, this can be enjoyable and fulfilling as it can lead to greater contentment, happiness and security. 

My role is to help you discover your strengths and learn to build on them, leading to personal growth and change. My style is interactive, supportive and collaborative and I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where we can work together on whatever you are facing.

My background is working in organisations focused on people development, team and individual coaching. I qualified as a Gestalt Therapist in 2009 with the Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute (GPTI) and belong to the BACP. Beyond the world of work, I’m a keen rugby supporter, I love canoeing and camping and enjoy the simplicity of spending time with my family and friends. 


If you think or feel your current way of living and the habits you’ve created over the years are now getting in the way of what you want, it could be time to look at them more fully. 


You can reach me at Dialogue and Space where I work on a 1-1 basis and to reflect the current changes in work practices I also hold sessions using zoom or other appropriate technologies.

Shirley Thompson
Integrative Counsellor

161030-155907-80-Edit (4).jpg

Qualification: Diploma in Counselling 

(Credit Rated by Napier University, Validated by COSCA) TOCCTT      

Registration: COSCA Practitioner Member

Post-Qualifying Experience: 18 years

Introductory Session: 50 minutes - £40.00

Subsequent Sessions: 50 minutes - £60.00

Professional History: Outreach Support (Homelessness & Complex Needs), Nursing (General), Occupational Therapy (Psychiatry), Administration (Commercial & Charity), Customer Service, Retail and Hospitality.

Socio-cultural History: Lived, worked and studied in Bury St Edmunds, Amsterdam, London, Epsom & Glasgow prior to settling in Edinburgh.

Managing to function but struggling to cope? It can help to talk freely and in confidence with someone whose life and relationships are separate from yours ...

My introduction to counselling and psychotherapy was as a client. Now I enjoy helping others find their way through a wide range of life events and challenges. 


With impartial help to express yourself, unravel your thoughts and feelings, and review your ideas, decisions and beliefs it becomes easier to make sense of what’s happening. It then becomes possible to explore your needs/wishes/options, and find a way through. Perhaps it’s difficult to put into words whatever is troubling you - maybe I can help you to find them?

My integrative approach embraces Person-Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Psychodynamic concepts, theories and practices thus offering a variety of different ways to explore, understand and appreciate the complexity, diversity and uncertainty of human experience.


The attitudes and practices of Mindfulness have also become part of my approach since attending Foundation Level Training at Mindfullybeing Scotland in 2014.

Talking therapy is challenging - and making the initial contact can be daunting - but once you find someone with whom you feel safe enough it can also be interesting, enjoyable and liberating. If you think I might be able to help, I’ll be glad to arrange an Introductory Session. This allows us to get a sense of each other, discuss your needs and wishes, and then decide how best to proceed.


Elena Masoero
Gestalt Therapist

Qualification: Degree in Foreign Languages (University of Milan), MPhil in Theatre

Studies (Glasgow University). Gestalt Therapy Training (EGI).

Availability: Mon-Thurs. (Online/Face-to-Face visits)

Price per session: £50 


Languages: Sessions in Italian and English

I come from a background in the arts. I have worked as physical theatre actor and theatre educator for many years developing an awareness around body processes and around the intricacies of relationship. I chose to become a Gestalt Therapist for its attention to the ‘uniqueness’ of each human being and its compassionate, holistic approach to self-development and growth. As result of training and my experience as a client, I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship which offers a safe and confidential space for exploring the whole of ourselves and for compassionately bringing into awareness emotional and behavioural patterns which were useful for us to survive in the past, but that seem to hinder our growth and happiness in the present.


 I am a yoga practitioner and I love spending time in nature. Both practices allow me to feel more connected to myself and to experience happiness and peace.


I have been working as a therapist for the past four years developing experience in anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, relationship, diversity and gender issue. I am particularly interested in Eating Disorders and I am looking into further training in this field. As part of my ongoing personal and professional development I regularly attend CPD events and supervision.


I practise in English and Italian, and I value diversity.

20201128_115318 (1).jpg

Iyetomi Adenekan
Person Centred Counsellor & Psychotherapist.


Qualifications: PG Dip, Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling & Psychotherapy, PG Cert, Social Sciences, BSc Lib & Info Science

Registration: BACP Accredited

Availability: Monday/Tuesday  Working Online and In-person

Price per session: £50

Since meeting my first client in 2018, I have worked with a range of clients in community-based and specialised agencies including Cruise Bereavement Scotland and LGBT Health and Wellbeing

As a black woman in a multi-cultural society, equality, openness and acceptance are some of my guiding principles. I have worked with and continue to welcome people from all cultural, economic and social backgrounds. I warmly welcome neurodivergent people and people who refuse to label themselves.

My core practice is Person-centred counselling, which is based on the theory that human beings have a natural instinct for growth, and ability to reach their full potential in life. I believe people come to therapy because this ability has been hampered by external factors like traumatic life events, societal harm and injustice, bereavement and many more. As your therapist, I will aspire to help you rediscover your ability to thrive, so that you are once again able to embrace life in an authentic way.

I will do this by helping you to connect with your feelings more closely; to engage with your feelings so that accepting them may feel possible. I will do this by helping you to focus more, as you speak. I will also be helping you to critically explore your feelings. Can you look at this issue in a different way? Does it provoke another feeling in you? So I will ask questions, sometimes challenging ones.

I have a growing interest in Neuroscience and I am discovering how a deeper understanding of this can help me develop different ways to meet my clients. I have found that understanding what's happening in my body, when I'm faced with a situation of threat, fear or safety, helps me find my way back to a place of equilibrium.

My aim is to walk beside you, at your own pace. with compassion and without judgement. I will help you to explore your choices and support you as you face your fears in executing them. I will walk with you as you try and identify the changes you want in your life. I will listen and help you challenge yourself as you come to terms with past decisions and make new ones.

To help you decide whether I am the right therapist for you, I offer a free 15 minute telephone meeting.

Profile photo_edited.png

Sally Champion

Qualifications: BA (Hons) English,

PG Cert in Education; PG Diploma (merit) in Psychodynamic/Person-Centred Counselling

Member: BACP & COSCA

Availability: Please contact below.

Price per session: £50 for 50min session

Warmth, curiosity and deliberate openness without judgement underpin all of my work. Key to this is the co-creation of a therapeutic relational space which embodies a sense of trust, exploration, curiosity and collaboration. 


Trained in both psychodynamic and person-centred counselling, I also work with attachment patterns, and with aspects of existentialism, spirituality and creativity. Psychodynamic approaches include working together to make sense of past experiences and early relationships, generating new understandings of these patterns - or imprints - as they play out in the here and now. Person-centred work includes getting in touch with, exploring, challenging and deepening an understanding of what is happening in your life as you live it today.

I also find aspects of American relational psychotherapy helpful: collaborating actively with clients ‘inside’ the therapeutic relationship to generate new understandings of ‘outside’ relationship patterns. 

Sessions are weekly, are 50 minutes, and are usually charged at £50. I work with clients both in the short-term (12 weeks or so) and longer-term (over a period of years).

Graduating from Edinburgh University's Postgraduate Diploma with Merit I am a registered member of BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and also of COSCA - Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland. I’m cleared with Disclosure Scotland to work with U18s.  

My professional background includes teaching, literacy development, working with families, and community engagement. I also spent 5 years making cheese biscuits for a living. Change being part of life. I’m drawn to outside wild spaces and am passionate about stories and how we tell them (or

don’t). My introduction to therapy was as a client, which helped open my own eyes to new possibilities of living.


Carmen Cecen

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Play Therapy

Registration: BPS and BAPT Accredited

Availability: Tuesday  

Price per session: £60  (Negotiated rate spaces available).

Hello my name is Carmen, I am a play therapist who is passionate about supporting children’s wellbeing through early intervention. Play provides a healing modality for children/adolescents to express and work through their hurts and wounds within the safety of a containing therapeutic relationship. Working non directively allows children to work at their own pace making play therapy a developmentally appropriate mental health approach. Through the play therapy process children are able to ‘play out’ and make sense of their thoughts and emotions related to challenging life experiences. 

The process can result in a reduction of externalised behaviour, an increase in self

esteem and coping skills.

I have experience working alongside children and families in a variety of settings with a range of psychological difficulties and complex life experiences- including, anxiety, depression, ADHD, neurodiversity, experiences of abuse, grief, family breakdown, domestic abuse, and trauma. I practice from a neurodiverse- affirming lens having gained insights, awareness, and knowledge from reflective practice. Therefore, I understand the unique needs/challenges faced by the neurodiverse community.

Profile Photo 1a cropped cool light.jpg

Sofia Nunes Counsellor/Therapist


Degree in International Relations (Technical University of Lisbon);

Post-graduate Certificate in Counselling Studies (The University of Edinburgh); Post-

graduate Diploma in Human Relations and Counselling (Human Development


Membership : British Council for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Availability: Wednesday to Saturday (in-person and online)

Price per session: 

from £55 per session (dependent on individual or couple therapy)

Languages: Sessions in Portuguese and English

Life can present us with challenges that can feel unsurmountable. To assist in overcoming these ‘issues with life’, I provide a relational, nurturing environment where clients are listened to and empowered to follow their own path.

I am a qualified psychodynamic therapist with a strong relational stance. My own diverse background and varied professional history in educational and supportive roles has prepared me to engage with clients on a wide range of issues without judgment or preconceptions, a stance that has benefited my clients since 2019.

My practice is influenced by a life-long interest in Existential and Jungian therapies and by my considerable experience with energy therapy, having amassed over 1,000 hours of energy therapy practice in the Tollcross Community Healing Group. This attunement to subtler dynamics enables me to tap into my clients’ deeply-held emotions and create a nurturing environment where they can express their whole self and begin to thrive. I can also adopt a variety of creative and spiritual approaches, depending on the individual needs and inclinations of each client.

I offer both brief and long term individual therapy in weekly 50-minute sessions, and couples therapy in either 1-hour or 1.5-hour sessions. In addition to offering therapy in English and Portuguese, I also have a firm grasp of French, Italian and Spanish, which allows for a deeper exploration of my clients’ experiences in their own languages.

As a member of BACP, and in accordance with their code of practice and ethical code, I have regular supervision and am committed to Continuous Professional Development. Areas of interest and further development currently includetherapeutic body work/ movement and a whole-self approach to ADHD.

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