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Founded in 2019



Dawn & Jill

Our vision was to find a place where we could create a community of practitioners dedicated to supporting people to live less stressful and more rewarding lives.

We want Dialogue & Space to be a home for practitioners and a safe space for visitors as they explore a wide range of therapeutic and restorative services. The spaces are available to rent and there is a directory of therapists that you can explore if you are looking for support.

Our Location

First Floor,

64 Albion Road,

Edinburgh  EH7 5QZ

Our story

Jill & Dawn


Up until 2019 I was part of the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute's (EGI) training and leadership team. 

My move to D&S came after EGI closed. 

Our vision at D&S has been to grow slowly. Dawn and I are interested in working with practitioners dedicated to working with people within the area of holistic growth and development. ​Our growth was of course stilted by the pandemic, in many ways this slow burn has worked well for us.

I am a gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. I bring this experience to my ongoing interest in movement and deep dive somatic discovery as a way of reconnecting with trust and belonging in our bodies. Movement, awareness work and learning to be still are continuing to support me to extend and develop in my own life and it is this that I bring to my client, supervision and training work and to the running of Dialogue & Space.

We are interested in offering trainings, sharing knowledge and innovative and creative practice, to help us grow and deepen where we feel curious and would like to learn more. ​

I love to swim in the sea and be in nature. Cooking and creating brings me a lot of pleasure, as does my movement and sitting practice. Learning to sing harmonies is an ongoing ambition that alludes me. I’m continuing to practice.  



My life experience has often led me to places of curiosity, creativity and change.


Starting this business with Jill was a leap of faith... during a time of great personal loss and the sense of extraordinary events worldwide... Life became less a path and more roller-coaster!


The concept of 'less is more' has been with me over this time...simple things have given me pleasure. Gardening, nature, films, reading, kitchen discos and those limited precious moments with loved ones... through glass, across fences and (sometimes) in person were (and are) precious. It wasn't all easy... living a simple life can be complex! 

However, as we look forward to developing things here, I am aware of our growing excitement about welcoming clients and practitioners back and anew.


In 2019 we came up with the idea for developing a centre for exploring dialogue & space..... connection & solitude ... mind & body... knowing & unknowing ... excitement & fear ....supporting balanced living to the full. We hadn't realised how important that would become for us and so many others until now.


We will be developing a range of events & training for therapists and counsellors in the future. If you wish to join our mailing list please just contact us.

Events and Training

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