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Aileen Orr

Yoga Practitioner

I’ve been a student of Yoga for over thirty years, a teacher for over twenty five. I am deeply grateful to my teachers Donna Farhi, Judith Hanson Lasater and Amy Matthews, whose extraordinary work offers so much to the field and continues to be an inspiration to me.


Often sold as physical exercise or switch off/chill-out these days (and yoga can indeed be these things if you wish) for me, it’s the underlying quality of attention - entering present moment experience, that makes any movement or resting, Yoga.


If we intend it, Yoga practice can be an act of self compassion and an invitation to healing. I hope to teach in a way that allows students to participate in the thrill of allowing easeful movement to emerge, rather than trying to “get it right”. 


I am delighted to be able to offer Yoga at Dialogue & Space for small groups of three students – “Wee Threes.”


Wee Threes allow for more personal tuition than a general class, and the content can be more responsive to the particular needs and curiosity of the students. Established Wee Three groups have grown very supportive of each other’s practice and can be particularly rich learning environments.

Age, experience and bendiness are a lot less important than you might imagine! If you are interested in taking part in Wee Three Yoga at Dialogue & Space, please get in touch and I will put together some sessions.

Similarly, if you would like to make a booking for a session along with some yoga pals, please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact me:

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