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Carmen Cecen

Play Therapist

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Play Therapy

Registration: BPS and BAPT Accredited

Availability: Tuesday  

Price per session: £60 (Negotiable fees available)

Hello my name is Carmen, I am a play therapist who is passionate about supporting children’s wellbeing through early intervention. Play provides a healing modality for children/adolescents to express and work through their hurts and wounds within the safety of a containing therapeutic relationship. Working non directively allows children to work at their own pace making play therapy a developmentally appropriate mental health approach. Through the play therapy process children are able to ‘play out’ and make sense of their thoughts and emotions related to challenging life experiences. The process can result in a reduction of externalised behaviour, an increase in self esteem and coping skills.

I have experience working alongside children and families in a variety of settings with a range of psychological difficulties and complex life experiences- including, anxiety, depression, ADHD, neurodiversity, experiences of abuse, grief, family breakdown, domestic abuse, and trauma. I practice from a neurodiverse- affirming lens having gained insights, awareness, and knowledge from reflective practice. Therefore, I understand the unique needs/challenges faced by the neurodiverse community.

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