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Elena Masoero

Gestalt Therapist

Qualification: Degree in Foreign Languages (University of Milan), MPhil in Theatre Studies (Glasgow University). Gestalt Therapy Training (EGI).

Availability: Mon-Thurs. (Online/Face-to-Face visits)

Price per session: £50 

Languages: Sessions in Italian and English

I come from a background in the arts. I have worked as physical theatre actor and theatre educator for many years developing an awareness around body processes and around the intricacies of relationship. I chose to become a Gestalt Therapist for its attention to the ‘uniqueness’ of each human being and its compassionate, holistic approach to self-development and growth. As result of training and my experience as a client, I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship which offers a safe and confidential space for exploring the whole of ourselves and for compassionately bringing into awareness emotional and behavioural patterns which were useful for us to survive in the past, but that seem to hinder our growth and happiness in the present.


I am a yoga practitioner and I love spending time in nature. Both practices allow me to feel more connected to myself and to experience happiness and peace.


I have been working as a therapist for the past four years developing experience in anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, relationship, diversity and gender issue. I am particularly interested in Eating Disorders and I am looking into further training in this field. As part of my ongoing personal and professional development I regularly attend CPD events and supervision.


I practise in English and Italian, and I value diversity.

Contact me:

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