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Sally Champion


Qualifications: BA (Hons) English, PG Cert in Education; PG Diploma (merit) in Psychodynamic/Person-Centred Counselling

Member: BACP

Availability: Please contact me

Price per session: £55 for 50min session (Individuals), £110 for 90min session (Couples).

My introduction to therapy was as a client, which helped open my own eyes to new possibilities of living. While there are multiple reasons for any one of us to seek therapy, there is usually a struggle of some kind that is the prompt to reach for non-judgemental, warm, professional support.


As a psychodynamic therapist I will be interested in what has brought you to therapy, and together we’ll explore aspects of your life as you live it today, while also connecting what has happened to what is happening now.


Self-exploration - witnessing our own story - within a trusting therapeutic relationship can ‘unstick’ us, offering more hope, and greater possibilities for change and growth. I work to create a therapeutic space with clients that feels safe and boundaried, as well as creative and spontaneous. This includes working with aspects of storytelling, with images and objects, with the body as well as the mind, with spirituality and aspects of existentialism.


I am also trained in Couples Therapy and can offer this on a weekly or fortnightly basis, helping you both step back to see what patterns are playing out between you, and the effect this is having on each of you, and on your relationship. Working with a trained Couples’ Therapist can shift couples away from being stuck in reactive patterns, and towards more mutual understanding, connection and growth. This can be transformative and can help you both move forwards.    


I work with clients in the short-term and long-term. Clients are free to leave whenever they feel ready to, but endings are as important inside therapy as they are outside of it and the intention is to end well, marking the transition with an agreed ending.


Individual sessions are usually face to face and weekly, are 50 minutes, and are charged at £55. If need be, I can also offer sessions online and by telephone. Couples’ sessions are usually face to face, are 90 minutes and are either weekly or fortnightly, and are charged at £110.


I’m a member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), I am cleared with Disclosure Scotland to work with U18s and regularly support my practice with a wide range of CPD (continuing professional development) courses. I’m drawn to outside wild spaces and am passionate about stories and how we tell them (or don’t).


Contact me:

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